Lovely Qatar airline amenity bags

When I travel home to see my family it is a 30 hour trip door to door. I couldn’t afford business or first class, and usually just fly cattle class a.k.a economy. But even if I could afford it, I am sure that I would rather endure the discomfort and splash out on a fancy hotel or pricey restaurants instead. What do you think?

Even the nice amenity bags aren’t an incentive to pay the high price (even if I could afford it), though I enjoy them a great deal when I receive them as gifts. I am given quite a few by friends who travel a lot and know my love of toiletries, and when I fly long haul I have to pass through Business Class to disembark at destination. The cabin crew let me take one or two of the Business Class vanity bags that are left behind on seats, unopened. I have to admit the US Delta Airlines Tumi Business Class set is wonderful. I have two or three of those and the little bags are the best!

A friend has recently given me these two, from Qatar. I love them. They are the best I have ever received and the little cases are amazing. They are like miniature hardbody cases but so light!


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  1. Well I haven’t flown long haul for many years now, and never First Class, as it was back then. If I was super rich then yes, but as a Joe Average I prefer a cheaper flight seat, and comfort when I get there. Flashy restaurant, not so much, but I do like a swish hotel, so yes, once again I’m agreeing with you. The bags your friends have given you certainly look substantial, and I would find them a joy myself ( no pun intended)!

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