Marie S’s Beautiful Van Der Spek binder in Old Pink and 297

My Van Der Spek planners are very minimal, and always the same design. I am also not very good at colour combinations, which is why my binders are usually made in one neutral dark colour with the same colour stitching. I find myself paralysed by all the choices.

So when I see beauties like these, my heart leaps with joy. The binder below belongs to Marie Schrüfer (as do these photographs) and I am just so in love with everything about it. Look at that charm and popper button! And then the inside – it is all so pretty and colour coordinated and yet functional. Even the most dreaded chores must attain some beauty by being featured in a binder like this. The gold and pink accents go so wonderfully together, as do the dividers. How can you not be happy when you are using something like this beauty?

This is the Old Pink, one of my favourite Van Der Spek colours. The outside is Number 297.





Author: Janet Carr

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