50% discount on TN elastics from Cordshoppe on Etsy


Sara from Cordshoppe on Etsy let me know yesterday that she is offering a 50% discount through to the end of November 2016 if you use the code


All my TN elastics come from Cordshoppe. Sara is lovely to deal with and is always more than willing to give advice on matching or contrasting colours for your cover. I tend to switch out elastic colours when I get my covers or when elastics become perished with age and use. It gives any cover a totally new lease on life.

I am not affiliated with Cordshoppe and never get discount or anything, so I can definitely recommend this shop as a regular and frequent customer!

If you cannot decide on colours or if you wish to do a bulk order with friends, Cordshoppe offers various mix and match options and even a pack containing good size length of all her elastic colours – 28 of them!

I buy 2mm elastics which tend to fit almost all covers, and relacing your covers is easy. Think: shoelaces! If you are daunted, there are videos on YouTube or you can do what I did the very first time I did one – take a photograph of how the elastics are laced inside and outside your cover and try to reproduce it. Easy peasy!




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