Burde Refills for 2017


One of the reasons I seldom change my setup is these inserts. Burde vertical week on two pages. I love them and they work perfectly for my needs. I have three sets, back to back:

1. Bookings – all my meetings
2. Weekly to dos – the short term to dos for each day
3. Translation hours – who I did my hours for and which project

What I like about them:

  • the time is marked off in clear hourly blocks from 8am to 7pm but there is space to start earlier and finish later
  • there are several spaces for notes (one line at the top of each day and several lines at the bottom
  • there is a quote by a famous person each week. I find them quite inspiring because you tend to think about them, seeing them every day as you do and they are often very wise and give you something to think about
  • you do not need a page marker or Today marker with these inserts as there is a perforated corner each week which you tear off when the week is over. This means that the pages always fall open on the relevant week
  • the days are numbered
  • the weeks are numbered
  • in A5 size (picture at bottom), there is a block to the right for miscellaneous notes
  • there are several sets of holes, allowing you to use them in binders with different ring configurations. They come in A5, personal and pocket size.

Some people may not like the fact that there is less space given to the weekend, but because I don’t use my calendars much over the weekends, that is no problem for me.


Here is what my weeks often look like. I scribble using any pen that is at hand. I mark off the hours I set aside for translations by denoting the hours I have done, and make any other notes that I need for invoicing purposes.
This is the A5 size. You can see it has a nice space for notes on the right page.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

6 thoughts

  1. A friend purchased a Burde daily diary with an empty full page for me to write in. The book has a leather cover and the months at the top of the page in four languages. I can’t find it on Amazon or the web. How can I purchase one for 2018?

  2. I buy my refills from Chasing Planner Peace (etsy)
    They are 1 day per page with times, weather, hydration, $, meals, exercise, to do and today top 3 sections.
    I really like every insert that lady makes as she uses marker and fountain-pen friendly paper and colour inks which makes the different sections stand out. I don’t decorate my planners and always write with black ink as l find decorations ugly and disturbing so her inserts are just what l need.
    Go and have a look at what she does, it’s worth it.

  3. I think that once you find the inserts that work for you and you get used to them, it is very difficult to switch to something different. Those diary pages are perfect for your needs so why trying others?

    I used to change diary inserts every year or even sometimes in the course of the year as l was never fully satisfied. And then l found my Holy Graal. The inserts fulfilled all my needs and desires in terms of format and content of the pages. I have never looked anywhere else since!

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