Field Notes sized TN cover from ElrohirLeather on Etsy


I worked constantly (no break at all) from 7am to 7pm with a hugely complicated translation. I ended up with eyestrain, the yawns, a headache, and a need for either something sweet or something stationery. It ended up the latter. Oh what shall I do with myself?

I have always wanted something from ElrohirLeather on Etsy. I have written about Mischa and her work before. I particularly like that her covers come with lovely handmade insert booklets.

I just fell in love with this one because of the colouring and the internal pockets. I don’t often use TN size but I have plenty of Field Note notebooks that were gifted to me by a friend. Maybe this will help me use them up.

Gosh, this is awfully nice. Seriously tempted to keep it! 😮 

It is a lovely very solid leather green and brown ombre Field Notes/ Pocket size fauxdori, complete with two inner pockets, edge stitching, and four kraft bound parchment and pale green inserts! 


It measures 4 x 6 ins or 11 x 16.5cm approx.

It is refillable with Moleskin Pocket or Field Notes books, which are 14 x 9 cm or 3.5 x 5.5 ins. 

There are four green elastics and currently it is well-stuffed with four books, two in cream 90gsm parchment, and two in pale green plain paper 😀 Fine for ink pens too. 

It is carved front and back, and on the front pocket with our seagrass design.

THe two stitched in pockets are on the front and back covers and both have a lovely irregular deckle from the edge of the hide! 😀

It’s lovely and the best thing I’ve made this week 😀 

Now how could I resist that?






This is another one I loved but lost out on – isn’t it beautiful?




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  1. She made a TN for me a while ago after I saw a post you did about her work, and I was so glad I went for it. Bespoke picture on the front, lovely work, and she was a pleasure to deal with.

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