Marc by Marc Jacobs Domo Biker backpack in black




I am not a backpack user and never have been. When I was at school I used a suitcase, briefcase and then a satchel. At university I used a satchel. At work I have always used a regular handbag that fits A4.

Why? Well, coming from a dangerous country like South Africa as I do, you don’t want all your valuables on your back facing outwards, protected only by a zipper or flap top. That’s just like screaming ‘Rob me!’ I have been robbed, badly, so I guess that fear has always stayed with me.

Travelling on public transport in Stockholm as I do, I have been biffed in the face by so many backpacks because people don’t realise how far out they protrude. And it is also difficult to quickly snaffle a seat on the underground and sit down if you have to first remove your backpack.

They also make my back sweaty and wrinkle my clothes.

One exception is my Fjällräven Kånken, which I take with me whenever I travel. I pack it in my case on the way there (it is light and folds totally flat) and then use it on the way back to hold any extra things I may have bought, while keeping both hands free.

However…there is no getting away from the fact that, after decades of lugging books around on one shoulder (the perils of being a teacher), my shoulder and back have started giving me troubles at the end of long days.

So about four months ago, I bought a Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack 50% off on sale and I am loving it. I was interested in the nylon and leather version (see below) earlier because it was lighter, but I really am a leather girl at heart so I got the full- leather one when it went on sale.


Not sure why I like this one and don’t like any others. Maybe because it is stylish (it looks really nice and not too casual) and is made of really nice leather. I am not a fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs bags because they, like Michael Kors bags, are ubiquitous but I love the leather. It wears really well.

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