Marc Jacobs Domo leather backpack out and about

I have never been a backpack person. I have tried, but it has never ‘stuck’. I didn’t use one for school,  and living in South Africa where crime is high, I never wanted something I couldn’t see on my back. Chances are it could be cut with a knife, opened, or ripped off my shoulders without me seeing the perpetrator approaching.

In Sweden I have always found it a faff to take my backpack off on public transport, and in crowds the danger is that I will hit someone with it.

But my recent back and shoulder problems have meant that I am using a backpack rather than a handbag when I have heavier things to carry.

This Marc Jacobs Domo leather backpack (bought on sale) has been my favourite for years. I once – before my back problems – used it every day for at least eight months, which is a record for me and a backpack. It is very comfortable to wear, and not over-large (though it does fit my computer and A4 papers).

Here it is in action as an overnight bag. My husband and I went away for a night at Hotel J in Stockholm to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Because we cannot leave the cats alone for long, we usually get to the hotel at about 3pm (we travel by boat from our apartment), check in, go for a walk along the shore, and then have a slap up meal at the restaurant. The next day we have a hotel breakfast and check out by 10.30. So we don’t need much – a change of clothes and some toiletries, plus we usually take our books and some snacks.

And here is the view from the hotel

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. You seem to have had such a lovely break! I’m forever conflicted when it comes to handbags and backpacks. Backpacks have always been part of my life, especially at school. Although I (meaning “we”) never wore it on both shoulders and always on one because that was the cool thing to do!… And now, I’m using a small backpack as a handbag but, as you mentioned in your post, it’s not always convenient to swing it around to get something in it. Still, I am fine with it. The biggest problem is when it’s time for school and teaching and I have that small backpack and a shoulder bag… And that’s not the easiest thing at all to juggle in the shops… I did try the small clutch bag that I put in my bigger backpack but it often gets lost inside… So back to square one for next September when classes start!…

    1. It’s an endless conundrum isn’t it? I like having a bag against my hip so I can put things in or get things out while I walk. It’s such a faff with a backpack. But in this case you can see my crossbody in the pics as well. I had my overnight stuff in the backpack, and my tissues/phone/keys/aspirin/wetwipes/lip balm in my little Montana cross body. The strap on my Montana at the moment is the Anya Hindmarch one, which you can see here

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