Bargain vintage Filofax insert bundle – $16/£11


I got these from the same seller on eBay who sold me my Filofax Balmoral 10 CLF and my Filofax Winchester 5/4.

It is a huge pile of inserts, containing beautiful vintage inserts from the early 1980s and up to 2002.

  • Filofax and Lefax maps from the mid 1980s – LOTS of them
  • Map indices for each of the maps
  • Various to do notes (brands such as Day Runner)
  • Different types of Filofax inserts from the 1980s
  • A-Z dividers from 1985 and 1991
  • Clear flyleaves (I use these as dashboards)
  • Filofax and WH Smith clear rulers
  • Clear plastic pouch a ndcredit card pockets
  • Red plastic flyleaf (I really love this!)
  • Filofax black rulers
  • Filofax notepaper from the 1980s
  • Monthly dividers and tabs depicting months of the year and the related weather!

If anyone would like to see any of the inserts close-up, tell me which ones you are interested in and I can take photos of them and post them tomorrow!







IMG_8365 2

IMG_8361 (1)



Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Indeed! Had l known you liked old maps so much l’d have sent you the old ones l had (from the 70s to the mid 90s). I found a whole box of them when l moved out last December. There were city maps, underground maps etc of different places in the US, England and France.
    What do you use them for if l may ask?

    1. I have some beautiful old ones that I have framed (not Filofax ones though), others I cover travel journals with. I laminate some to use as writing boards and the modern ones (and a mini atlas) I keep in my Filofax for when I am briefing students for travel or missions abroad. On the old ones I like seeing what countries used to be named, particularly all the former colonies in the British Empire. And where borders exist before and after wars. I am a nerd I tell you!

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