VDS undyed binder project – phase 2


If you remember, I used my VDS undyed binder for more than 14 months to show the ageing process. This leather is not for everyone and I received a pilot binder from VDS to use intensively so that people could see it and make an informed choice whether to purchase anything in this leather, or not. This leather is now the second most popular leather at VDS, after Janet Leather. Or it was when I last asked Petra!

Now begins the second phase of this project. Because it is summer here in Sweden and it is light all the time, I want to expose this binder to as much sunlight as possible and see how dark it will get. I absolutely hate the constant light in summer so this is a way of getting some enjoyment out of it!

So, here is the binder today. I will post regular updates, using these photos for comparison purposes.

I know Mark is doing something similar so I hope you enjoy following these posts, Mark!







Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

7 thoughts

  1. How about cutting out a sun shade for it in the shape of the VdS logo and that portion of the leather will remain lighter and it will then always show the logo 🙂

    1. Now that’s thinking outside the bun as Burger King would say, Steve……

      Great idea……

      Hope Janet tries it out…..



    2. Great minds think alike – again! I had actually been thinking of it, but a shape rather than a logo. In the 70s in South Africa we used to have tantoos. A tantoo was a shape (flower, heart, star or anything more intricate) that you cut out of paper and placed on your body, in the same place, every time you lay down to tan, from the very first day. You ended up with a beautiful non-permanent shape on your body. I used to have them on my shoulder or hip. So I had idly been considering cutting out a heart and putting it on my VDS. But it is already quite dark so the effect may not be dramatic.

  2. Indeed I do, Janet!



    PS. Mine’s coming along nicely too…….next week will be 4 months….and like Laura is a nice caramel color now…..

      1. Will be interesting to see if it starts to get a more brownish tone…..

  3. I have been doing the same to my undyed planner since I received it at the end of April: it gets three or four hours of direct sun every day, and it has reached a nice caramel hue.

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