This is why I am terrified of pressure cookers


My mother used hers a lot but was also very scared of it. She once almost blew up the kitchen.

I am not sure how they work or if they still sell them. But I don’t hear about them so much anymore, and all the ones I see are very old.

I would not use one if you paid me.

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  1. They are useful for some kitchen tasks, and indispensible for canning of low-acid foods, but I’ve never felt a particular need for one.

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  2. LOL!!! My grandmother used one all the time and made fabulous things with it. They still do make them but, I have to say that the quality isn’t what it used to be. I don’t think I would buy one for fear of it malfunctioning.

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  3. I think the slow cooking has largely taken over from them. I too hated them, my mother’s let off steam from a valve in the lid, just like a steam train.

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  4. Really? I use mine every other day and l’ve never heard of anyone having a problem with theirs.
    They are very popular here and everybody has one. I thinl the modern ones are absolutely safe and if they are used properly you don’t risk any accident.

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  5. We used to use them to sterilise mall things, such as pipette tips and tubes, when I started working in a laboratory. Then they were banned some time ago.Young ones today – no sense of adventure!

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