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  1. It looks like it might be a leather needle book to me. Those metal bits along the inside edge could possible be safety pins.

  2. I”m more impressed she is using a sewing machine! And yes, there is thread on the top spindle – she’s using a bobbin with black thread instead of a regular spool of thread! I think instead of a binder, she’s got a book in that cover…. hmmm….

  3. It’s a sewing machine. You can see where the thread sets and the bobbin winder. I would be surprised if Victoria didn’t know how to sew. She is a clothing designer after all.

    1. Interestingly, quite a few designers cannot sew. They have ideas and then hire designers to put that into practice. Elsa Schiaparelli couldn’t sew and neither can Miuccia Prada. On the other hand both Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen were Savile Row trained tailors before they hit it big. Victoria Beckham had Roland Mouret (of Galaxy Dress fame) to help her the first couple of seasons and has said she is unable to draw, so I would imagine her sewing (if she can sew) is not good. Her talent is in having a very good eye and being able to translate that into reality by using the trained people on her staff.

    1. You are right – if it is a ringed binder it has very small rings. Would a Hobonichi be that thick do you think? That would be so cool!

  4. Well, there’s no reel of thread on the top of the machine so I doubt she’s sewing! The binder however… It looks like there’s no space for rings to me?

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