Veronique Tristram

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I love this woman! Veronique Tristram, the fashion director of Glamour Magazine in Germany, shows that women of any age can be stylish without dying their hair or blowing their faces up with plastic surgery. And I love her glasses. I wear heavy frames on my glasses but I doubt even I could carry these off. They are Victoria Beckham’s Chunky Aviator VB0140 but have been sold out for a while.

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. She is super-stylish, and Janet, so are YOU! I really admire the way you put things together. I appreciate seeing women who age gracefully, don’t rely on caked on makeup, and dress in a way that is stylish but not trying to be 22.

  2. Thank you for this Janet! Following her on Instagram now! She certainly does have incredible style and yes, being totally confident in herself. She’s an inspiration! By the way, I have a pair of somewhat heavy frames from “Dutz” based in Nethelands.. Handmade and I always get compliments.. Maybe we can make a pig stop on the way to the VDS factory? 😉

    1. I love heavy frames! There is nothing that says ‘I am not ashamed of wearing glasses’ like big frames, if you can carry them off! I am still not sure I manage to carry them off but I don’t care!

  3. Thank you Janet!
    I think she corresponds to what many women (mid forties-fifties or older even) aim at. Being natural looking without all those artificial treatments and at the same time being confident in what/who they are. It you take a close look at ladies that age (like Bobbi Brown for example but there are so many) you’ll see it is the majority.

    I guess women become aware that desperately trying to look younger using Botox, plastic surgery or heavy make-up is just a waste of time and money. Nothing will turn back the clocks and the best thing is to accept that time passes and the body changes. Being comfortable and confident with one’s age is the best way to age beautifully. Once women understand that they look radiant and stylish.

  4. I’ve always been interested in her career and style (an not only because she is French!!).

    Now what is it you love about her, Janet? Apart from her glasses, that is ☺
    Do you know how old she is?

    1. I have tried to find out how old she is but none of the biographies and CVs that are online have her age. I would say late forties to early fifties perhaps?

      I love her so much! I love that she does not dye her hair, wear heavy makeup, have plastic surgery or fillers/Botox etc. She embraces her age and she is all the more beautiful for it. She also wears what she likes and looks good because she is confident and comfortable in herself and her clothes, even if her clothes are not what society believes is appropriate for her age.

      She shows that style and beauty is not defined by age. And that the rarest and most precious beauty is not stereotypical young, ‘Miss World’ chocolate box prettiness but something else that shines from within and does not wane as you get older.

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