RIP Toni Bua

The day Miley went to live with Toni

I was so sad to hear a few days ago that Toni Bua, Miley’s human had passed away. Miley and Toni saved each other and it was wonderful to see Miley grow fluffier and happier with each day that passed. Toni was so good about sharing their adventures on the Miley the Dog Facebook page.

I am sad for Toni but even sadder for Miley as she transitions to another home.

The day Miley met Toni

My beloved mommy’s cancer returned in full force only a few months ago. We promised each other that we would not be morose. We wanted to seize every moment and make more memories together. 

Last night, at approximately 6:30 PM, mommy put on her angel wings and has left this Earth. She is now in Heaven, flying high and free, with daddy and her rescue Huskies. Please don’t be sad… My mommy is at peace. All she wanted was for us to be happy and to be kind to one another on this Earth. heart emoticon

As for me, please be rest assured that I am safe and sound… and I will be taken care of for LIFE! Of course, I miss my mommy, but I will never, ever forget the precious memories we shared together. Mommy gave me the BEST life! Mommy has ensured that I will continue to be surrounded by love and happiness for the rest of my life. I will forever be a PRINCESS!

Right now, my auntie Shelley (mommy’s BFF) is with me in my palace. I go on long walks with Uncle Art twice daily. And of course, don’t forget my godmothers Roberta and Teresa who have been visiting me every day! The Fuzzy Pet Foundation – (TFPF) will be there for me every step of the way to make sure my transition is a smooth one.

Here’s a photo of me and mommy on the day she adopted me. It was my happiest day of all. I will continue to be happy! And I promise to post many more photos and videos of my life. In the meantime, please give me some love and space. I love you forever and a day! I’ll be back soon!

Love… MILEY!

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