Signature covers by Jason Polaski of YellowBirchOutfitters

YellowBirchOutfitters on Etsy has been on my radar for a while. Firstly because of the lovely leather inserts and straps Jason makes for traveler’s notebooks. His craftsmanship is outstanding.


But recently, his Signature line has caught my eye. Why? Well…look at them!!!! But also because of his gorgeous 9 oz leather (my favourite weight of leather and the only other place that regularly has it is ButeoBunker), the colour of the cover, and the lovely disk on the front. This is a very rugged manly cover (maybe because Jason is a veteran) but would work very well for women as well.

I would have bought one like a shot except for the fact that I am now used to 12 elastics and personal size. But I know many of my readers will fall in love with these beauties. Did I mention that, even though the Signature line is not customisable, Jason does do custom work?

Regular Size


I’ve been sitting on this one for a while now, working out every little detail over and over again until I had it just right. It’s ready now, and what better time to release it than on Yellow Birch’s one year anniversary? I started with notebooks, so it’s only fitting. 

It’s no secret that the “Fauxdori” has taken hold of the masses. I love them myself, and always have one in my bag. It travels with me and hold many things I keep dear. Ideas, plans, watercolors, drawings, schematics, my journal, and even my calendar. My MTN is always along for the ride. 

Continuing in the same fashion as the Signature Expedition Notebooks in the shop, the Signature Wayfarer is over engineered, and wonderfully so. Crafted from 9 oz vegetable tanned leather and finished in an Antique Tan then emblazoned with a sewn on leather Yellow Birch patch. The band hole has been moved to the spine to eliminate any lumps when writing and filled with a 3mm Moss Green band. 4 binding straps and generous allowances allow you to overstuff this notebook with ease. Take a look for yourself in the third picture and you’ll see my own filled with 4 inserts, leather folder, and a double pocket MTN insert. There’s still room to spare, yet it doesn’t come off as too large or bulky. Just enough extra to keep things safe. Included also are 4 bookmarks made from cotton cord so you never lose a place, no matter what insert you are using at the time. Edge detail adds a bit of refinement and class, and an American flag is proudly stamped on the back cover as a mark of pride and quality.

Included in this listing is ONLY the cover. Refills are all over the place, and half of the fun is filling it with what you want!

In line with the rest of the Signature line, there is no customization available for this listing. This is the flagship, and a definition of my design ethos. Love it like it is, or let me make something different for you, I’m always open to custom work!

Like I said before, this may not be the last notebook you’ll ever want, but it’s definitely built to be the last one you’ll ever need.

Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it.

And the Field Notes size



In honor of our re-branding, as well as our notebooks being COMPLETELY MADE IN THE USA, I have decided to release a special edition of this indispensable tool. Cut a little longer to handle 4 notebooks and accessories, edge finished and dyed in a timeless antique tan this special edition is emblazoned with a stitched on leather patch of our new logo. Proudly stamped on the back are the Stars and Stripes. Because of the extra length, this notebook comes STANDARD with 4 binding straps and double bookmarks. Gone are the band retention scallops, as well as the cut outs at the binding holes. The retention band hole has been moved to the spine creating a smooth writing area on both sides of the page. This is how I wanted my own personal notebook (which is happily in the pictures) and this is how the special edition is going to be.

While I know customization has been the hallmark of my shop, this one is what it is :). There are no options for customizing this model. If you’re looking for something tailor made for you, please see our standard Expedition Notebook, or let me know exactly what I can do for you.

All of our notebooks now come with a MADE IN THE USA Field Notes notebook insert!

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