City Washi Tape from The Lovely Desk


I am not generally a washi tape user. Some people have themes in their planners and use washi tape for all kinds of creative things. I don’t decorate at all, but I do sometimes use washi to mark off large gaps of time.

Instead of manually blocking off public holidays/holidays/intensive courses when I am not available to take single meetings or lessons, I put a strip of washi either across the week or the day/s. It is quicker, easier and more effective because you can see it a mile off!

I also repurpose old calendars as notebooks by putting wide washi tape over the dates. Most recently I did it to 2014 Filofax refills and a 2015 Hobonichi Cousin.

The washi I have was all given to me by readers or included in purchases by sellers.

This is the first washi I have ever imagined buying for myself. It features a Scandinavian city which looks very much like Stockholm. I could imagine putting it along the bottom of my pages because it is so beautiful.

Find it in The Lovely Desk Etsy shop. I have discovered from looking at her tape that I love the ones that look like paintings, like art. I have always thought of cutesy clouds and kittens as being the typical themes on washi but I was wrong wrong wrong! This really is a lovely shop – I am so glad I stumbled across it!



I also really liked these!



Author: Janet Carr

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