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I am in a green phase at the moment so all my TN’s now have green elastics. I buy all my extra elastics from CordShoppe on Etsy. Sara is lovely and adds little extras to try, which is how I have found some of my favourite colours and colour combinations.

Many Etsy sellers only sell small quantities of elastic, and only if you have bought the cover from them, and other sellers only sell elastic in wholesale amounts. There are also some shops where the shipping is way more than the price of the elastic. Or they do not carry the right thickness or colour. For me, local shops usually do not have 2mm elastic. If they do, they tend to only carry black or white.

This shops hits all the buttons for me and I am really happy with the products. So far I have 2mm elastic in brown, teal, lime green, jade green, raspberry pink, bubblegum pink and cobalt blue.

Some traveler’s notebook users find the elastics daunting. They are reluctant to remove the elastic to add a charm (though there is a way to add a charm without removing the elastic), or they panic if the elastic snaps or stretches.

It is quite easy if you go slowly your first time. For replacing inside elastics for the first time, I would recommend photographing the inside and outside of your cover with the old elastics in first so you can copy that if necessary. It may also give you the confidence to give it a go. But it really is like lacing shoelaces – easier than it looks!

Lime green and bubblegum pink
Lime green and bubblegum pink

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