Star Wars

I am not sure who took these photographs from the original Star Wars as they were sent to me on one of those email newsletter things. If anyone knows, could they please let me know?

I am actually not sure how many Star Wars movies I have seen. Definitely the first three and maybe one of the others. The first one one has a special place in my heart though, because it was the first and only movie I ever saw with my father. I never went to a movie with my mother. They died when I was a teenager so I never had the chance again although I have been to a few movies with my aunt, who is my Mom 2 and enjoyed them immensely.

My dad used to love building model planes and model space ships so this was right up his alley. I have to admit, seeing as I was about 15, I was a bit embarrassed to go with my dad as everyone in my school class went at the same time and it was not considered cool to go with you father. I am pretty ashamed of it now even though I know most teenagers feel the same.

I wonder if the special effects would seem dated now if I watched this one again? I never have as it has such a sentimental value to me – I was afraid it would be too emotional. I rather like old science fiction movies. I feel the special effects these days overshadow the acting and the stories.








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