Zenkraft Leather’s new webshop and Fantasia de Fleur A5 X-Treme Quadfold Pro TN


I have written about Zenkraft leather before, and I absolutely love Yochanan Israel’s Quadfold notebook covers. His work is in such high demand that last week when 12 items that went up on sale on the Zenkraft Facebook Sales page, they sold within a matter of seconds (literally – seconds!). He hand-makes every item so he usually works months in advance and you can order by reserving a calendar slot. So for example the December calendar went up on 31st October.

But yesterday the wait was over when his new website went live at 6pm my time. I happened to be around at 6pm, which is really cool because by 6.03pm I received my order confirmation for an A5 Quadfold in limited edition Fantasia de Fleur! Am I chuffed or what? There were also three personal size Fantasia de Fleur notebooks available as a separate option but I decided to go for a quad fold as I had wanted one for ages. They all sold out pretty fast. I have loved this leather (it reminds me of a rainbow unicorn) when I first saw it and Yochanan told me months ago that it would be available in limited quantity on his site when it went live. I never dreamed I would be so lucky as to get it!

by Lisa Frank
by Lisa Frank

What can I say? I was in and out with my purchase done and dusted in minutes, the Paypal part went smoothly and by 6.03pm I had my order confirmation. Shortly afterwards Yochanan contacted me personally about how I would like my pen loops set up. Brilliant service from a wonderfully kind talented artisan.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 09.45.41

My order:

  • Leather: Fantasia de Fleur
  • Size: A5
  • Number of Folds: Quad Fold
  • Binder Size: 2″
  • Business Card Slot (standard): Yes
  • Tech Pocket (standard): Yes
  • Multi Function Pockets: Yes
  • Utility Pocket: Yes
  • X-Treme Model w/Side Flap Pocket: Yes
  • Pen Loop: Two
  • Field Note Insert Cord: Yes

Fantasia de Fleur is described as:

LIMITED EDITION Fantasia de Fleur!  Constructed from a combination of 4 oz. oil tanned leather with a metallic floral paint job, and 5 oz. orange oil tanned leather. The two leathers are sewn together, allowing the thinner layer to maintain its integrity and ability to hold 6 to 8 Personal size inserts comfortably.  Complete with gilded brass rivets, twin tech pockets, its not only gorgeous but functional to say the least.

Below is a quad fold in another leather:





And here is the Fantasia de Fleur – all photos are from other work Yochanan has created and were posted in his Facebook group












Thank you Yochanan for finally making two dreams come true – an A5 Quadfold and Fantasia de Fleur. The whole transaction process was a dream, and I wish you great success with your website!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. It just looks beautiful! Congratulation that you could have one……….oh, and a Happy New Year 😀!

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