Gorgeous ladybugs from Sheila


This gorgeous surprise was waiting for me one day last month, from Sheila in Spain. They are citronella candles in the shape of ladybugs, to repel bugs on hot summer evenings. I love them – thank you Sheila!!!! Look at the little flower and ladybug on top of the packaging!

I really hate mosquitoes. You don’t get them where I live in Sweden but up north they are a real pest. Not as bad as in South Africa where I come from though.

Oooh horrible memories of being woken from a deep sleep by itching and that awful whine. Putting on the light and jumping up and down on the bed trying to find the damn thing (which I seldom could). The alternative was mosquito coils which smelled awful and were always setting the curtain alight.


Or rubbing yourself with Tabard or spraying Peaceful Sleep which smelled so awful you couldn’t sleep. The smell of them still make me heave.




Or you could try electronic mosquito repellents which never seemed to repel any mozzies around me.


Not to mention wearing long sleeves, covering yourself in bedlinen (almost causing heatstroke) and not forgetting the malaria medicine. Oh my – Paludrine, quinine, Lariam (horrible horrible side effects!), Malarone… even now I am not allowed to donate blood in Sweden because I come from a malaria area and apparently they think I could have had malaria without knowing it. One of my friends died from it and it’s a horrible way to go.



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