Campomaggi Gaetano Cuff in Pink from Marcopoloni


I wrote about this cuff just after I bought it. It arrived the day before yesterday and today I had time to fetch it from the post office.

I am thrilled! It is my fourth Campomaggi Gaetano cuff from Marcopoloni and I wear them almost every day. I would say I have one on about 28 out of every 30 days. My others are almost two years old now and look as good as new. Not one stud, rivet or sequin has fallen out and they show no wear whatsoever. I am usually hard on bracelets as I am always putting them on and taking them off when I type (I hate a watch or bracelet banging on the keyboard) and when I am not doing that, I am digging deep in my enormous handbags, which usually cases bracelets to snag, scratch or break when they catch on things. The Gaetanos – not a mark!

The pink is absolutely beautiful – so now I have a green, a white, a blue and a pink!


Each Gaetano comes in a box in a dust bag with lovely quality labels describing the company, the history, how they work and the leather. Emi knows me from previously as I have always let her know how much I love using my cuffs and linked her to my blog posts, so she has sent me a gorgeous little charm to slip on a keyring, mobile phone or planner. My other red one (also from Emi) is on my keyring and this one will go on my organiser. Thank you Emi!

I should also say that Emi and Daniele from Marcopoloni are so helpful. Emi has the same size wrists as mine and she has tried on cuffs for me before, to check they would fit. She is also super helpful on the Fans of Campomaggi website. Two of my Campomaggi bags are from Marcopoloni as well.

This is my favourite Campomaggi and comes from Marcopoloni
And my ladybug keyring!


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