The creation process of Jane’s two tricolour Van Der Spek Binders

Van Der Spek is a small family owned and run company in the Netherlands, who make off the shelf and custom binders in an amazing range of leather and options. There is one cutter who has been working with leather for about 60 years, four or five women who do the stitching, folding and sewing and have been working for Van Der Spek for many years. Some of them work from home, allowing them to be with their family at the same time as working. There is also Mr Van Der Spek who can do everything from discussing the best way to do things with JP the cutter, sewing, dealing with customers and making his own designs from start to finish. Mrs Van Der Spek organises all the packaging and posting and Petra deals with emails, the webshop, customers out in the Netherlands and answers questions in the Facebook group.

Since we started the Facebook group they have tried to give us everything we want. Some examples – undyed leather, bigger rings, gold rings, Hobonichi covers, Traveler’s Notebook covers, different colours in the most popular leathers, widened A6 binders – you name it!

Below is shown the production process of two of Jane’s tricolour binders. Aren’t they epic?












And the second one





Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I so want to go visit the Van Der Spek plant one day!! I just want to follow JP all day and watch his art of leather cutting!

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