Filofax Duplex DML F7/8 in black

Jumping jumping jumping for joy. I have wanted one of these forever. It is the wider version which allows you to see four pages at once and it has snap closures. My Grace Scurr duplex is the narrow size (made to fit into the pocket of army trousers) without fasteners.

Sarah tagged me when it appeared in the For Sale group and of course I pounced. Kate recognised me and was happy to send internationally. Need I say I am thrilled? Oh my word what a find!

Thank you Kate and Sarah!






Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Didn’t realise you had been looking for one of these – I have one almost identical to that sitting on a shelf in my office!

    I am currently waiting for my latest unicorn in the post. An early deskfax in 2CLF7/8 in the short lived 6 ring double personal page width format…

    1. Oh wow Paul really? Let me know if you ever decide to sell it! And oh my word for the deskfax – there are so many people who would kill for one of those! Where did you find it?

      1. eBay! But not labelled as a deskfax, and also with a little damage – a scratch on the front and some sort of mark on the back. But it looks pretty good in the photos and I should know more by Friday…

  2. Duplex binders are really fun, they would allow you to see so much at once, although would they be better in terms of usable paper area than say a modern day A5 or A4?

    Having just mocked up a duplex on my desk with two sets of rings and some Filofax pages I’m guessing the rings must be about 20cm apart ring centre line to ring centre line?

    I would love it for someone to put duplex designs back in to production with up to date styling and high quality leather and rings… and I can only think of one company that could pull it off on a made to order basis… the price might be high… but it would be worth it.

    1. For me yes I hope so because I can then flip independently back and forth with my calendar on one side and notes relating to each day/client on the other. I had this same setup in a bound paper diary once with the calendar on the top and loose pages on the bottom but the total size was too big for me to carry around. Will keep you posted! BTW Steve I have just bought a narrow one! Two in one day can you believe it?

      1. If I could be… you are making me jealous now of all these Duplexes you are hoarding! Nice to know they are still out there somewhere.

      1. Yes, I remember the post on it. This one will be really useful, I’m sure. I have China that was left me by one of my grandmother, it’s Victorian and valuable, but she told me to use it, so I do carefully. I also have an original Biro from the 40’s that looks like a fountain pen with a ball pen writing tip. I use that too, but Don’t usually take it outside the house. I’m not big on not using things. I understand about your limited edition duplex, but I think I would handle it regularly, just to give the leather a little oil from clean hands, just to keep the leather drying and cracking, as I know you don’t use lanolin on your binders.


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