Nanami Paper Seven Seas Tomoe River Journal + Gfeller Skirting Leather Cover after 1 year’s use


This is my Nanami Paper Seven Seas Tomoe River Journal + Gfeller Skirting Leather Cover after 1 year’s use – doesn’t it look fantastic?

I bought them from Nanami Paper on 26th June last year and they have been in use for just under a year now – from the day I received them. They have travelled to various places in Europe, including London (yes, to me the UK is Europe) but usually stay next to my bed when I am in Stockholm. I use the notebook as my daily journal, hence me not showing any of the used pages in these photographs. I don’t journal much these days but because I am not a talker, sometimes I need to write things down to vent, feel proud, record important happenings or worries. I burn my journals when they are finished because they are just for me.

Each notebook has 480 pages but they are so thin and light (yet strong) that each one is the thickness and weight of a notebook with just over 200 pages. It also lays perfectly flat and the sewn binding is really strong. This paper is half the thickness of regular copy paper but is strong and buttery smooth, while forming the perfect surface for fountain pens. I use pencil with 2H lead and it erases like a dream on this paper.

The cover has stood up to use wonderfully, though I am not as rough and ready with my journal as I am my planner so it only has a few bumps and dents in it.

I can definitely recommend both products, although I believe Nanami only has the kip leather covers at the moment. Gfeller themselves sell quite a range of notebook covers.

IMG_6900 IMG_6901 IMG_6904

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Beautiful looking cover….have wanted to try one of the Gfeller covers for quite a while….

    Just ordered my first Hobonichi Techo planner and debating between the Gfeller cover or the One Star Leather one……

    Decisions, decisions…..



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