Do you downsize over summer?



My work tends to go in cycles. I have a very hectic period from mid-January until the end of June and then again from mid-August until mid-December. During those times I am on the go all the time. I rush around and work most weekends. When I leave work in the early morning I will not be back until about 8pm at night and I carry my office around with me in my large handbag and my planner. By the end of a two month stretch I am sick of the sight of both handbag and planner, my back aches and I am tired.

So generally when summer approaches and the load gets lighter, my mind wanders to colourful, smaller bags and planners. I don’t have to carry scarves, gloves and hats with me and the paper load is less because all the group courses end at the beginning of June and I only have individual training which requires less paper.

My work changes at that time – I work more with translation, I sort out all my paperwork at home and in my more copious spare time I do things that are neglected during my busy time – have my hair cut, go to the doctor and dentist, sort through my wardrobe and take things to the charity shop, to sell, to be dry-cleaned, to mend. and have a huge tidy and clear out of books, magazines, and old course materials. I also plan my days away (I usually travel during the summer).

This means that my planning can move into a notebook (usually a Midori-type traveler’s notebook) and my planner/wallet can move from personal size to pocket size because I don’t have that many meetings (probably three or four a week as against 7 or 8 a day).

I find the process of moving into a smaller handbag and planner as exciting as packing my luggage for a holiday where soft faded worn denim and simple leather flat sandals are the order of the day.

Does anyone else do this? Downsize or have the urge to downsize over summer?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I’m off from work during the summer months, so I definitely downsize! I’ve recently discovered the pocket and mini sizes and they are perfect for this!

  2. Absolutely! I either trick out a cross-body small bag, or I tuck cash and cards into my Field Note sized faux-dori, and I’m off. I find a pocket for my phone, and skip the makeup and all. In Texas, in the summer, makeup melts, so there’s not much point. Gloss, perhaps, in another pocket, but waterproof makeup on before leaving the house, and that’s that. By the way, I’m a brand-new follower, and I LOVE your blog, Janet!

  3. When summer comes l downsize too. Once the French A-Levels are over (end of June), the uni exams are all done in Paris and Cambridge (from early June to the end of June) and the session at the EU Parliaments are over (in Brussels and Strasbourg) l can eventually downsize from 4 planners to one! My summer planner is usually a pocket size (my tan FF Ostrich). I stay in it from the end of June to mis September when l go back to work.
    I love it having a lighter bag and not having to carry planners full of papers, plane tickets and what nots. Now the only plane tickets l carry are for my holidays and not to go from one place to an other twice a week!

  4. I didn’t have the urge but now I do, I didn’t want the post to end, it was like a cozy novel

  5. Yes, and it’s a bit of a struggle. Our Texas summers are hot amd humid. The first thing I do is to switch from leather bags to cloth, which is lighter and more comfortable against my skin. I prefer cross-body bags for summer activities and they usually do not hold enough (and sunglasses are added to the everyday carry). My current solution is a Vera Bradley Mailbag Crossbody in Blue Bayou. It has multiple compartments and works well for carrying a ring-bound planner and/or a Midori.

    1. I also switch to fabric bags – the lighter weight, and hold up better in the heat. Sunscreen and sticky children are not kind to leather. My weekend bag is a Vera Bradley On the Go cross body (Lilli Bell) that I bought for last year’s vacation. It holds a Personal, small card wallet and toiletries without weighing me down.

      And for long days out when I’m using my Chameleon Pocket, I use a VB Hipster (Pinweel Pink) that I have had for so long I don’t remember how old it is.

      They both machine wash and hang dry beautifully.

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