The phenomenon that is Friends


I recently watched all ten seasons (236 episodes!) of Friends on Netflix – 21 years after the first episode aired. Unlike many popular TV series (Miami Vice for example), it has not dated at all and remains as relevant today as it was the first time it was aired. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of rewatching it.

As a series it is interesting because all the characters take the same amount of screen time, they were all paid the same amount, they negotiated all their salaries as a group. It is, for many people, difficult to find a favorite character as they are all so different and all equally strong. Phoebe used to annoy me but on rewatching I realized that she had just as many truly funny lines as any of the others. In hindsight though I would say that Ross and then Chandler are my favorite characters.

As most people do I imagine, I have some favorite episodes which other ardent Friends fans may recognize.

  • The one with Ross screaming PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT as Rachel and Chandler attempt to carry his sofa up the stairs
  • The one where Ross tries to scare Phoebe and Rachel with his karate moves – UNAGI
  • The one where Ross wears leather pants
  • The one where Ross bleaches his teeth
  • Ross playing his MUZAK

And yes, they all seem to focus on Ross!

Do you have any favorite episodes?

Author: Janet Carr

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4 thoughts

  1. Rachel on both of the episodes you mention, not Monica :PPPP
    Big fan of Friends here too! 🙂

  2. Yes!! Friends is so timeless! David Schwimmer is a class act. A couple of little stories…. the executive producer of Friends had previously worked with Schwimmer in another show and really liked him. Ross was written for Schwimmer. He initially turned it down, but reconsidered and decided to take it. He was the break out star of the series, the first to receive rave reviews and earn an Emmy nomination. When his contract negotiation meeting was scheduled, he went to his co-stars and suggested that they form their own little union. So when he went to the meeting with the executives the others went with him! It was said that it could have backfired, that the execs could have fired one of them to break up the little pact, but they were smart and negotiated. From that moment on, they all received equal pay and perks, as well as lines and time in front of the camera. Schwimmer gave up his own personal negotiating power to benefit the entire cast, a rare thing in that ego-driven town. But it was a master move on Schwimmer’s part for many reasons. It developed a bond of trust between the actors, friendships grew deeper and the chemistry was evident which obviously helped draw the audience and keep them. (Of course the writing was also excellent.) I remember an interview where they were all present. The admiration and respect the others had for him clearly showed. From what I have heard, they are all still friendly despite occasional skirmishes, but a reunion show/movie is never going to happen according to Courtney Cox. That’s it! Sorry this is so long, but as you can tell, I’m a Ross fan too. 🙂 Thanks for the warm fuzzies and smile today.

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