Chic Sparrow Extra-Wide All-American in Spice

This arrived from Chic Sparrow towards the end of last week. I have not had time to write about it until now. I love it! As I have mentioned before, I prefer fauxdoris that are thicker, stiffer, wider and with more elastics than the original. I use Filofax-type organisers with BIG rings and traveller’s notebook covers are no exception. I tend to use at least 6 books plus 2 plastic zipped sleeves, 3 craft sleeves and various other bits and pieces.

I love the fact that this one has a pen loop and inside pockets and flap.

I have not set it up yet as I do not have much time to savour it, so it will have to wait. I general use a combination of extra thin Midori refills and lined and grid paper from Ray Blake of My Life All In One Place, who kindly makes me insert booklets for a very reasonable fee. Because this cover is so wide, even stuffed full as a brick there will be no overhang.






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Author: Janet Carr

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5 thoughts

  1. I didn’t see this on the website…is the all American under a different name? I absolutely LOVe this color!!!

    1. They stopped making them I believe, Jane, which is a real pity because I absolutely loved this leather. They had three colourways – a black one, a lighter brown and this one.

  2. Love this colour!
    Wow! It is delicious.
    I wasn’t so sure about the All American Sparrows, but the more photos I see of the Spice version the more I am persuaded. Tell me Janet, is the leather on this one very stiff? Have you decided what you are going to use this Sparrow for?
    And…I love your mantra!
    – Kim 🙂

    1. It is quite stiff but will soften up with use. I am going to use this one for my sales activity over the summer. I do sales on my blog and on various online sites, and I usually list what I want to sell, prices, when I post them off and when they have been received.

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