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One thing I love about the internet is the phenomenon of memes – they allow us to share in the wicked wit of ordinary people around the world. They are sometimes funnier than any professional comedians or satirists.

Ones I have recently enjoyed immensely were about Ed Milliband’s stone tablet. Miliband, in the closing stages of the UK election race, had the bright idea to spend £30 000 on a 3 metre high stone tablet featuring his 6 election promises (why 6 and not 10 one wonders). This would prove that they were carved in stone and thus unbreakable. Said stone would be planted in the garden of 10 Downing Street to remind him of his promise.

Naturally this decision and the stone tablet were widely ridiculed via memes, nicknames like Moses Milliband, EdStone, Millistone and Millstone, as well as the runaway hashtag, #edstone.

There is no doubt that it was a ridiculous idea that will live on in history as a gigantic error of judgement. What kind of advisers either suggest something like that or go along with it if their boss suggests it_

Still, it gave me my best laugh in weeks!


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And then, after he lost


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