Graf von Faber Castell Epsom Organiser

This arrived last week (it took 48 hours from Belgium to here!) but I had no time to fetch it until today. Wow! I love it love it love it. The service from bouteia was, as always brilliant.

It was enclosed in a white cardboard box with a label showing what it was on the side.
Inside the white cardboard box was display case with a thick brown bottom and the Graf von Faber-Castell logo on the top.
Pardon the cat photo bombing the pics. He is interested in everything I bring into the house! Here you can see the thick brown bottom to the display case.
Inside was a soft cream cotton dust bag, resting on top of 2015 inserts.
Gorgeous tough strong crosshatched leather with perfect stitching.


The leather on the inside is soft and silky smooth. The purse part on the left has two internal compartments. The pen holder on the right is a really nice change from the standard pen loop or loops, which I find very difficult to get into the habit of using. The flyleaf is also fantastic. I have grown to really like flyleaves
Really soft and smooth. Brilliant leather!
The ring mechanism has leather covering on it.
The inside of the flyleaf has card slots on it, pretty much like the Filofax Grace Scurr.
Gorgeous leather!
Smooth caramel toffee colour.



The pocket part has a press stud under it so it lifts up.

And here are some more photographs, taken by bouteia – one of them shows the inside of the purse compartment.






Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

10 thoughts

  1. It looks like a Personal size. Does it take standard Filofax refills?
    Do they make an A5?
    Beautiful planner !

  2. This is really an alternative to other normal planners. The integrated real wallet and the beautiful pen holder are innovative and make sense. And having all the card slotts in a flyleave is also a very good solution. But all those extras, do they make the organiser broader than personal size? And it seems stiffer than other planners, or am I wrong? Picture 7 gives me this impression.

    1. It is stiff but I enjoy it because it is the leather that makes it stiff, rather than boards between the covers like in Filofaxes. The cover is more square yes and that is also an interesting look. It looks more like a Mulberry Agenda size.

  3. I have been wanting one of these for almost a lifetime! Please, if you ever want to sell it, please let me know! I will buy it! The leather is exquisite!!

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