A closer look at the Burde traveler’s notebook-type student books


Here is a closer look at the Burde notebooks held inside a thick plastic cover with elastics which slot into grooves in the cover.

Last week there were loads of these everywhere. This week I had to go to three different shops to find one in each size. They were sold out everywhere. Apparently they have been very popular with both students and business professionals.

Each size comes with three notebooks – two lined and one grid. The paper is thick and creamy and the text is pale brown and so nice and easy on the eye. The covers of the notebooks are black and you can either buy official refills or you can put your own A5 and A4 notebooks in the covers. The covers are wipe clean black plastic. I had a planner with the same cover and it lasted an entire year with no sign of wear whatsoever. The price of the books is approximately €7 for the A5 and €10 for the A4. The books have plenty of pages in them and lie flat.

The covers look a bit dusty but they are not and there is not a mark on them. I am still living in the middle of facade renovation so there is plastic over all my windows and the light is not very good for photographing dark colours.









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