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I live in Gröndal (Green Dale) in Stockholm, on the shores of Lake Mälaren. Mälaren is the third biggest lake in Sweden. The city centre is 15 minutes away by underground so I have the best of both worlds.







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At the boat stop heading to their house in the archipelago with their pets.
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Going past my kitchen window. Swedes love messing around in boats!
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In winter this freezes over so you can walk to the island. Sweden has allemansrätt (Right of Common Access) so you can go pretty much where you want as long as you are respectful.
Window View
I am on the top story of a building on top of a hill. This is the view out of the spare bedroom in summer. You can see that the windows are triple glazed for cold. Since this was taken the windows have been replaced but I miss these old ones from the 1940s. We even have a nuclear bomb shelter in the basement.
Stockholm is built on 14 islands so there is water everywhere!
The little forest at the back of the building. At the front is the lake. In this forest are deer, rabbits, red squirrels and lots of birds.
christine 005
All the rubbish which cannot be recycled is posted in here. At 6pm every night it is sucked along underground tunnels and incinerated to provide heating and hot water.
View from the flats
View from the living room in midwinter
Walking and fishing on the lake in winter


Cycling on the lake in winter



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Interesting ! You live in a beautiful part of the planet. I often wonder what it is like in Sweden. Thank you for letting us share in your world.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Janet, a beautiful place to live. The system for non recyclable waste is genius! Much better than in the UK.

    1. I too loved the recycling disposal system. What a great idea. Even the receptacle was low key and blended in well. Seems like it is a community that applies common sense logic to its problems, which in this era seems a rarity.

  3. It looks a really beautiful place to live.

    I particularly like the way non-recyclable rubbish is converted into energy. THAT is a brilliant idea that all countries should adopt but I don’t suppose they will. Ours would rather bury it in landfill sites 🙁

  4. I live in California, so your winter pictures make me want to hide under the bed covers. The summer scenery is gorgeous.

  5. That was a treat, Janet. It was also a sobering little reminder that I should not complain about our winters here, which by comparison are trifling. 🙂

  6. Oh My Gosh! It is beautiful Janet, Thank you for sharing. I so wish I was independently wealthy so that I could travel and see this beautiful world we live on!!

  7. These pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Janet.
    But l would not be able to live in such a place for a long time. Though l love nature l need to be in the heart of a city and its buzzing life. I spand most of my week-ends in the countryside or by the sea but l need to go back to Paris on Sunday evenings.

    These photos make me feel to visit Stockholm!

    1. I am rather lucky in that I am 15 minutes away from the city centre by underground. But then, I come from a tiny African town so I like being in a quiet neighbourhood 🙂

      1. I live on the top of a cliff overlooking Lyme Bay in Devon, another beautiful place. I have worked in London, but am happy to be retired back in my home county. I grew up in a small village and like the village like atmosphere of where I live. Your area looks wonderful, an ideal situation, countryside and town near at hand. Nowhere is nice on a cold, wet gloomy day in winter, yet even then there is beauty near a lake or the sea.

      2. You must be in heaven there! The scenery seems awesome! And l do understand you like the quietness of the place. IT is so convenient to be living in a quiet area surrounded by nature and so close to the city in the meantime!

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