Christmas Surprise from the wonderful Paula


I had a crappy Monday today. I was sick all weekend with a flare up of the sinus infection I have been fighting for months so I woke up this morning feeling like death. It was freezing cold (well, 1°C) and raining and two buses in a row did not come. I walked to the nearest tram stop in the rain only to find that there was signal failure there too. I arrived at my first meeting ten minutes late and things just carried on like that all day.

On the plus side I had a parcel delivered today and when I got home there was a nice puffy envelope on the mat. Inside was a lovely Christmas card from P aka Hetty from Roses in December. In a lovely little pouch were nestled ladybird chocolates. How thoughtful! P has been a wonderful friend to me and seems to always know when I need cheering up. I love meeting up with her – she has the most wonderful sense of humor and is very wise. Thank you so much P!! Hope to see you soon xx

Below is a photo of a previous treat from Hetty which arrived just when I needed it! I ration the goodies out to myself so I always have something to remind me that people care about me.


Author: Janet Carr

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