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I fell in love with the above book a few months ago. It is made by supremely talented book artist Alex of AlexLibris. He originally made it as a showcase of his abilities but people have bought them. He can only make them during the summer because the paper is specially treated and dried in the sun which takes some time. Luckily Alex found some paper already made so he could take a custom order from me for Christmas.

I have bought from Alex before and he is fantastic. He answers each and every question as though it is the most important question in the world, he keeps you constantly updated on production progress of custom items (complete with photographs of each stage of the process) and of where your parcel is at any given time. Have you ever had a seller let you know where your parcel is during shipping? He is quick and very kind and very generous. I cannot recommend him enough.

My book is now on the way to being finished and below are the photos Alex sent me during the process. Isn’t this an absolute work of art? It is almost ready but it needs to dry and be fine tuned, the box needs to be made (they come in beautiful gift boxes made for each book) and I am also getting a wonderful leather cuff at the same time – photo at bottom. All the photos in this post were taken by and belong to Alex.

Between art and history: the mirror of contemporary art
 As the nights get darker, look no further than our latest item. Take a glance in this fascinating art journal, the ‘Anatomia Humani Corporis’, ultimate Renaissance anatomical sketchbook – scientific masterpiece with lucid insights into the functioning of the human body.
Unique full leather bound journal in size of 10.6 x 8 inches and thickness 3.2 inches. Book block has 250 leaves (500 pages) and its made with special type of vintage paper 120gsm weight – carefully stained and aged. Paper is excellent for writing or sketching with ink.
On front cover plate, dominate an exquisite leather rib cage. Its hand carved from thick leather, realistic formed, hand toned and canned with special bookbinder’s mixtures.
Book cover plates has gradient levels with many layered applications, embossings, carvings – over all, specially designed to be unique piece on the world.
In “chained libraries” books are were chained to lecterns or shelves to prevent theft. In that reasons, this book have sturdy mounted chain on back cover plate.
Locking of the book is made with leather stripes, decorative metal ends and pegs embedded in edge of thick front cover plate. This clasps adorn the cover placing intrigue when opening and discovering its beauty.
Book export in gift box made from thick cardboard bound in textured material with appropriate brown color and can be gift for someone special…



















DSC_7561And the cuff:


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