Mulberry Annie in Oak Darwin


This was the last item on my Mulberry wish-list. I am so delighted. My wish list was:

  1. Roxanne
  2. Jacquetta
  3. Romilly
  4. Bayswater
  5. Phoebe
  6. Annie

I only really like Mulberry bags from that era.

Anyway this bag I was so lucky to get because Ena contacted me while I was in London with no internet access so I was sure it would be sold when I got back. And the bag was actually just down the road from me.

Anyway I got back, looked, and there it was! So I made an offer and the next day it was in my sweaty little mitts! Thank you Lena!

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

4 thoughts

  1. Dear Janet
    I am in love in Mullbarys Annie and I dream about this bag every dag. I found pre- ownd Annie on Trendsales, but I am not sure that this bag is authentic. I can se you have Annie too, you are so lucky. How to know that Anni bag I want to by is original mulberry Annie?

    Kind regards,
    Inga from Denmark:-)

    1. It is often quite difficult with Annies as they are not the same inside as other Mulberries from this era and they do not have a tag. What I did was to have mine authenticated on The Purse Forum and it is indeed a real one. I bought it from a lovely eBayer who helped me get it authenticated.

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