HOTD #53 – Lush Biker Bags in Orange and Brown

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These are really lovely bags. At one stage I bought many many bags from Lush. They are cheap, the quality is excellent and their service is quick – 3 days door to door. They do good interpretations of currently popular bags so if you are wanting to buy the very expensive version it is always good to try one of these first. They are not mirror copies but the proportions are pretty accurate. I have written about my Lush collection before here

I have two of their biker bags – one in orange and one in brown. The brown one is very well used as you can see. It is about nine years old. The orange one is slightly newer – about four years. I like orange because it can be used year round, and looks as good in autumn as it does in spring. You can find many of these bags still for sale at Lush


photo 3


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