Charm Bracelets Part 8 – Trollbeads


Trollbeads, the original charm bead jewellery, is probably best known for its collectable charm bracelets, which can be highly personalised. But, what exactly is a Trollbeads bracelet, and what are the elements you’ll need for your first one?

A Trollbeads bracelet is a sight to behold, an item of beauty and a lifelong piece of jewellery that tells your story. You’ll never forget your first Trollbead. Let’s start by explaining what a Trollbeads bracelet actually is.

So that you can create your own look, a bracelet can be made up of five key elements that you mix and match:

  1. A Bracelet – these come in silver, gold, and leather.
  2. A Lock –  these are detachable so that you can swap beads, and use the lock on your Trollbeads necklaces.
  3. The Charm Beads – you can fit up to 20 Trollbeads on a bracelet chain. They are made from Italian glass18 carat goldsterling silverprecious stones and amber.
  4. Stoppers (called Spacers in the USA) – these can be placed between beads in a pattern, or on bracelets with fewer beads to keep them neatly arranged, or at the end of your chain to prevent your beads from falling off.
  5. A Safety Chain – perfect if you want to be doubly sure that your beads are secure.

So, what’s stopping you from creating your own look? Here’s our 10 Step Guide to Your First Trollbeads charm bracelet.

 tamaras trollbeads bracelets 1

1) Find an official Trollbeads retailer. The only way to be 100% sure that you’re getting genuine Trollbeads is to buy from an official retailer. Imagine how disappointed you’d be if it turned out that your wonderful new Trollbeads bracelet wasn’t the real thing. You can find a list of retailers by using our Trollbeads Store Locator.

2)    Create a Wish List. You can keep an online note of the Trollbeads that really tell your story. Doing this before you start your Trollbeads journey makes it even more fun.
 More on Trollbeads Wish Lists.

3)    Don’t Hurry! With a piece of jewellery as personal as this you don’t want to be rushing in and out in your lunch hour.

 You’ll need some time, because every bead is different. One of the special things about Trollbeads is that every single one is unique. Because the beads are hand-finished, even if you choose the same design as someone else, your beads will have their own nuances.

4)    Measure Up. Possibly the most important step in all of this is to make sure you have your wrist measured and buy the correct size gold or silver chain. When you start adding Trollbeads you’ll see why – because of how they’re made, each one you add will make the bracelet seem a little tighter.

However, if you go for a leather bracelet, we recommend a snug fit at the outset as the leather will stretch over time. Let your official Trollbeads retailer help you to choose the correct bracelet length. It’s worth getting it right, because it will be the basis for this gorgeous piece of jewellery.

5)    Choose a Lock. Even the locks at Trollbeads are a work of art and a piece of jewellery in their own right. Because we want your bracelet to be truly unique, we give you a whole host of locks to choose from, including intricate designs such as the beautiful Dichroic Flower Lock, the fabulous Troll Tree Lock, and even a rather funky Elephant Lock!

6)    Choose your first Trollbeads. This sounds like an easy step but with over 500 Trollbeads to choose from you can see why you may wish to put aside a few happy hours. There are so many gorgeous beads to fit every facet of your life, which might make choosing the first few a fun challenge.

 Maybe you have a hobby or job that we’ve got the perfect bead for, or a pet or favourite animal? Our stunning glass beads have a whole story behind each one, and let’s not forget the rather cheeky dragons and trolls that everyone loves!

7)    Keeping it all in place. We know that a collection can take time to build – that’s all part of the fun. So, we’ve introduced a range of Stoppers (different from the old Spacers). They are available in silver or gold, with a clever rubber core that keeps your Trollbeads in place on your chain. They also make a handy extra precaution to prevent beads slipping off when you’re changing your beautiful locks.

8)    Spread the word. We all know that it can be hard to find the perfect gift, even for people we know well. So, now you have your first few beads, why not help your family out with gift ideas by adding a few more to your Wish List and emailing it to them via our website. Whether it’s a brother and sister buying ‘Three Siblings’ for your Birthday, or a proud Dad buying ‘Baby Girl’ to mark the birth of your child, receiving a Trollbead on a special occasion is truly amazing.

 Make sure your family and friends know that there’s a story behind each bead so that they can choose something really personal.

9)    Find other fans. Come and join the ever-growing community on the My Trollbeads page on Facebook. We’re chatting to each other every day, and every week we currently have a great competition to win a gorgeous Tibetan OOAK (One of a Kind) Trollbead – you could be adding to your collection before you know it.

 You can share your Trollbeads passion with other members of the club, as well as inviting your friends to join the fun too. We’re also on Twitter at @MyTrollbeads.

10)    Read all about it! Don’t forget to sign up to our eNews to receive regular details of exciting Trollbeads news, like beads that are being retired, special offers and limited editions.

Trollbeads is an exquisite set of interchangeable jewellery that lets people create their own look. At the heart of this collection are the beads themselves. Each Trollbeads charm bead has a special significance, mythical meaning or astrological story behind it. As you collect Trollbeads charm beads you can make your very own unique necklaces and bracelets by placing the beads into your own design on the special Trollbeads chains and leather jewellery.

Once you have your collection of elements, you can create your own jewellery to reflect your mood, your outfit or your unique personality.

I don’t know too much about Trollbeads but I have seen the charms in person and they are lovely.  They are very popular so the selection is huge – much bigger than Pandora. This lovely lovely starter guide came from here – this site is fantastic! I was afraid to explore in case I ended up buying huge number of items!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I am a great fan of charm bracelets and l have several Pandoras. I have never heard about the Trollbead ones and l am greatly interested. How would you compare them in terms of quality, choice of charms, prices…?
    I think l am tempted to start a Trollbead charms bracelet but l need your opinion first. Thank you Janet!

      1. Thank you Janet. What about in terms of quality? Are they the same? I saw on their website that they are a bit cheaper which is good because l find the Pandora charms overpriced.

      2. Pandora glass is designed by one of Trollbead’s designers and Pandora must pay a royalty for the special silver core used on the glass to Trollbead. So that is about the same in quality. Trollbead charms stay shiny longer than Pandora, and they will also fit on a Pandora bracelet (Trollbeads don’t fit on a Pandora bracelet though). Trollbeads have very mystical, mythical, folklore, nature charms whereas Pandora is rather safe in their choices.

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