Charm Bracelets Part 7 – Etsy, eBay, Juicy and Disney

Bought on eBay
Bought on eBay
Juicy Couture from eBay
etsy butterfly explosion2
Bought on Etsy
etsy butterfly explosion
Bought on Etsy
Disney wrap charm bracelet
Disney wrap charm bracelet

A quick Etsy search for charm bracelets brought up the following options

On eBay you can find unusual charms, vintage charms, estate charms, eBay charm guides, charm groups and plenty of charm experts. My favourites on eBay are the charms with moving parts.

Remember also that you can turn any chainlink bracelet into a charm bracelet. Have your favourite pendants or commemorative items soldered on to it so that they will always be with you and voila – a charm bracelet!. I used to add and remove mine with jump rings and a jump ring tweezer but my favourites are always soldered on.

Below are two vintage 14 carat gold charm bracelets I bought on eBay

56747916_o 56747920_o2 79428095_o 79428099_o

The top one is a allows you to put lots of charms on because you can attach a charm to each link and each link has three loops on it.

Below are similar versions in silver

Bracelet62a Bracelet33c

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