Did you enjoy my article on irritating jargon? If so, do I have a book for you…


  • Do you hate going forward? Do you shudder when a colleague wants to reach out? Are you disgusted by low-hanging fruit, sick of being on the team, and reluctant to open the kimono?
  • Does the phrase blue-sky thinking make you see red?
  • Do you really want to drill down or take a helicopter view?
  • Are you past caring whether the key drivers are going to move the needle? Should anyone really punch a puppy? 
  • And can you bear to hear about a big hairy audacious goal?
  • If modern office jargon makes you want to throw up, this book is for you. Taking a hilarious and scathing deep dive into the most hated and absurd examples of corporate-speak it is a come to Jesus moment for verbally downtrodden workers everywhere.

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

6 thoughts

  1. Let’s not forget WO2P, DPP, MPP, FFAF, FFAT. And Vintage Pink, GTD, personal, bible size, Slimlines, paper-based.


  2. Don’t forget ‘ping me an email’ or ‘inbox me’ or ‘ticks all the boxes’ the list goes on… I’m so glad I don’t have to suffer that sort of BS these days!

  3. Aaaaaaahhhhh! I think if I bought this book, I’d rip it up into tiny little pieces by the end of it. Phrases like having a catch up, from a … perspective and to get into bed with… REALLY annoy me!

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