HOTD #19 – DABA Leather For Ever


I was walking along a tucked-away street in Stockholm about ten years ago and I spotted a shoemaker with these bags in the window. They came in black and brown and three sizes – small, medium and large. Not expensive at all. I bought a medium and a large in brown. At the same time he gave me a tub of book oil to put on the leather to keep it nice, which is why the bag looks so shiny in these pics. I took it off my shelf to photograph it and thought I may as well oil it at the same time. I have never seen another one.

I sold the large one as it was a bit too large, even for me. And it was very wide from side to side so it tended to stick out on the bus and in crowded shops and bump into things.


Gorgeous rich brown leather with straps which go in hand or over arm. There is a shoulder strap as well. It is lined in checked waterproof fabric. There is a DABA Leather for Ever logo on the front. Five protective feed on the bottom and three inside zipped pockets.


Good as an overnight bag and as a day bag. The leather is soft but keeps its shape and the bottom is solid so nothing falls in a heap on the bottom of the bag. Straps are just the right length and it is light. The colour is too beautiful. The waterproof lining is not only  pretty but practical.



Still shiny from the book oil


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Janet, I actually have a shortcut to your HOTD on my phone homepage! Love it and love your blog!

    My question: To your knowledge, does this shop ever sell online? I’m in US. Thank you!

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