HOTD #17 Luella Giselle


After I bought my Mulberry Giselle by Luella Bartley I bought a black Luella Giselle. (Sorry that probably sounds confusing) because I liked the style so much.

It is in rough tough hard leather. Nothing scratches, dents or scuffs it. The lining is gorgeous and it fits nicely over the shoulder or arm and in the hand. It fits A4 perfectly even though it doesn’t look that bit. I never do the flap bits up so it is not difficult to get things in and out. It’s not a totally uncomplicated bag so I never use it on days when I will have to constantly open and close my handbag. The red lining makes it easy to see things in my bag.


Black coarse leather tote with white stitching. Shoulder straps and fold-over top. Red cotton lining with heart details on zip. Two leather hearts hang off the straps. Silver hardware. Fits A4 and is a large bag but not too heavy.


Nice leather, very touch. Nice size, good straps. Has not shown any wear. It is structured so nothing ends up in a heap at the bottom.


Not as nice as my Mulberry one and it looks a bit dated now because of the blingy bondage type straps. For some reason my Mulberry one is less ‘in your face’. I would have preferred the pink lining which they switched to just after I bought mine.

luella_insida luella_svart



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