Look what I just won on eBay! Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Filofax

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Description: For its 75th anniversary Filofax made in 1996 a limited edition: 1921 Filofaxes, handmade of the highest grade of calf leather. The one on sale here is number 209/1921(even embossed in the leather).
It has 2 set of rings. It is presented in a luxury box, together with a diary refill (june 1996-december 1997), adresses sheets and notes.
It has never been used and was always kept in the box.

In 1996 Filofax issued, at £500 each, a 75th anniversary limited edition of 1,921 replicas of the Filofax used by Grace Scurr, in which she saved the company’s vital trade contacts from the blitz). These don’t come up very often as most of them were bought by collectors. I was so pleased that I won it, though I did not expect to at all. I owned one previously but foolishly sold it. Suffered immediate and bitter seller’s remorse and have been looking to replace it ever since. I was lucky to get it for a lower price than I expected.

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