Herman The German


Herman is a German Giant Rabbit. The German Giant is a new breed of rabbit that was bred in order to produce a rabbit that could provide more meat. Herman weighs an astounding 7.7 kilograms or 17 pounds and is just under a metre long with ears alone measuring at 21 centimetres which is the total height of an average domestic rabbit. Hans Wagner is the owner of this supersized rabbit and says that Herman goes through just over 2 kg of food a day. The giant bunny lives in Berlin with his owner in a special oak hutch and also takes a vitamin supplement to keep him healthy. Herman munches through a bale of hay a week and his favorite snack is lettuce.

However, Herman isn’t the largest rabbit in Berlin, he was beaten to the crown of the ‘Berlins Biggest Bunny’ contest by Rudi, who weighs a whole kilogram more than Herman.

Source of text: Wikipedia






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