Post No. 1 for The Diet Project

Paula is well known in the Filofax community for her ability to use recycled materials to create inserts and dividers. for The Filofax Project, she will be using an A5 Amazona to track her dieting progress.

Hi everybody.  As I’m sure you are aware this is my first post for my diet project.  The Filofax that I’m going to be using for my project is the lovely A5 Brown Amazona courtesy of Janet.  

Just over four years ago I had exceptionally high triglycerides.  As a guide your triglycerides should be under 1.7, mine were 8.2.  Because triglycerides are linked to sudden heart attacks and strokes I had no choice but to try and reduce my triglyceride levels and eat a more healthy diet. Through a lot of hard work I was able to bring my triglycerides down to about 1.8 and also lose 6 stone over a four year period but sadly because of health reasons some of the weight has crept back on.  I know it’s not going to be easy but I’m now faced with the challenge of losing two and a half stone or if you prefer 35 pounds.

My Filofax organiser is almost laid out the way I want it but as always it’s a work in progress. First of all I’m going to show you my A5 Amazona and then my insert pages that I’ve put together. Most of the images on my inserts came from a Weight Watchers cookbook which I bought second hand for £1, I think that’s just over $1.50.  

My A5 Amazona
Amazona PHOTO 1a.jpg
I have tried to keep everything as simple as possible to hopefully make sticking to my diet simple, if only it was that easy.  Rather than repeat myself I shall allow the inserts and pages that I’ve created to speak for themselves through the following photographs.  

My Diary Insert

Diary - PHOTO 2a.jpg

My Diary Pages

Diary - PHOTO 2b.jpg
My Planner Insert
Asparugus Planners & Lists - PHOTO  3a.jpg
My Meal Planner
Meal Planner -PHOTO  3b.jpg
My Shopping Guide
Shopping Page PHOTO - 3c.jpg
My Vitamin Page
Vits & Mins - PHOTO  3d.jpg
My Weight Guide
Weight Guide - PHOTO  3e.jpg 
Weight Loss Insert
Weight Loss Insert PHOTO  4a.jpg
Weight To Lose Box
Weight Loss Box Chart - PHOTO 4b.jpg
Weight To Lose Graph
Weight Loss Graph - PHOTO 4c.jpg
Notes Insert – For General Notes
Papaya Notes -PHOTO  5a.jpg
A5 Pocket – For Storing Cuttings
A5 Pocket - PHOTO  6a.jpg
Bits & Pieces
Bits & Pieces - PHOTO  7a.jpg
As you can see from the photographs I’ve already made a start with my diet and will hopefully be able to update you next week.  I look forward to giving you a progress report and more details about the project then.

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    1. The dividers were mainly pages from a Weight Watchers cookbook (£1 in a charity bookshop) which were then attached to some Martha Stewart dividers. The last insert image was cut from the Waitrose supermarket quarterly magazine. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your kind words. With the weight loss graph I shall be be hoping to see a nice line dropping down the page. The weight to lose box will have squares filled in weekly revealing my weight loss in that respect. My meal planner will also become a food diary. Meals are usually planned the day before but can change last minute if I’m not feeling well. Hopefully my next post will be a little more insightful. I won’t say much but hopefully I will have a good weight loss as I have been exceptionally good.

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