Book sculpture

I was on my way home from visiting friends last week when I spotted this in Liljeholmen, Stockholm. I have been this way many times but have never noticed this installation before. It is either new, or I have been completely engrossed in my thoughts whenever I have previously walked this way!

Books have really defined my life.

  • am a voracious reader and have been since I was about 5 years old
  • have a degree in English literature
  • studied Swedish literature at Stockholm University
  • have written several text books
  • have journaled most of my life
  • use a paper planner
  • collect handbound books
  • am a proofreader/editor/translator

So I really loved stumbling on this sculpture!

Categories: Art, Books, Movies, Television and Music, Books

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  1. Magnificent! I’m in awe of this Janet. Thanks for sharing!

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