Last week’s reading

I found these two at a local thrift shop. The biographies section is always a treasure trove for me because biographies are often in English. Ardent fans tend to order the English books from overseas. I read Swedish with no problem, but I try to read English where I can because I work as an English language specialist and I need to keep my English current in a country where everything is Swedish.

I almost bought the Keith Richards one too, and am still kicking myself that I didn’t. Each of these were $1, and after I read them I return them to the thrift store, or leave them in the little library in our apartment complex.

Slash’s autobiography was good, though I preferred Duff McKagan’s.. Duff wrote his autobiography himself, and you could see that in the writing. Slash’s was much more graphic but had a better inside into how the band felt about Axl Rose’s antics.

I really enjoyed the Cobain book. This is regarded one of the best books about Cobain and I can see why. I was never a huge Nirvana fan, but Kurt Cobain entered into the legend stratosphere after his death, and I was interested to find out more about him. Ultimately it was a sad read with flashes of pure happiness. Depression is devastating. People who do not suffer from depression can never understand how you could have everything you ever wanted but still not be able to lift yourself out of the black hole of nothingness in which you find yourself. Creative people often live with their heart and fragile soul outside their skin. It creates beauty at great cost.

Now I think I am going to head back to see if the Keith Richard book is still there, and read that one next!

Author: Janet Carr

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