Antonia’s Flowers is no more…

My favourite perfume of all time is Antonia’s Flowers. Created in 1984 by a florist who wanted to bottle the beautiful fragrance of her shop when she opened up in the mornings. This perfume smells gloriously of freesias and is the only perfume I have ever worn which causes people to stop me in the street to ask what perfume I am wearing. As well as freesias, it contains notes of magnolia, jasmine and lily. I cannot express how much I love this wonderful scent. I bought my first bottle when I lived in the US in 1986/1987, and have used it ever since. I don’t wear perfume very often but when I do, it is this.

From the Antonia’s Flowers website

As a student,  Antonia Bellanca-Mahoney studied art in Boston and then in France. It was in France, in the markets of Aix and Paris, that she discovered all the wonderful varieties of flowers that she had up until then only seen in pictures – anemones, poppies, mimosa, freesia, and many more. These, too, left an impression on her so that when Antonia moved to New York City, a flower shop on Madison Avenue caught her eye. “They always had lush, painterly flower arrangements in the window.”

She later found out that, in fact, all the flowers had been imported from Europe and the inspiration for the bouquets came directly from Flemish flower paintings. “The connection between art and flowers became suddenly clear to me. I knew that this was exactly the kind of art related work I was looking for.”

After working for others in their shops, in 1981 she opened her own in East Hampton, Long Island, a village on the ocean. She named it “Antonia’s Flowers” and “it was a tribute to all the special gardens of my life.” Remembered for its dramatic and original arrangements, Antonia’s Flowers adorned the parties, garden weddings and restaurants of the Hampton’s elite.

“Being immersed in flowers so much of the time had a ‘sensitizing’ effect on me. I became very aware of the different floral scents – and to me, freesia was and is by far the prettiest. I looked for a perfume for myself that truly captured the essence of freesia in harmony with other flowers and found that there simply wasn’t one. Then, I imagined a perfume that would evoke the experience of entering my flower shop. That’s when I knew I had to create my own.”

In 1982, Antonia began working with the chief perfumer of one of the country’s finest essential oil houses. “It had to be a fresh, feminine bouquet…with a signature note of freesia”, and Antonia’s Flowers was first introduced as an Eau de Toilette in 1985.

I first bought it in the US, then I was able to buy it at Liberty and Space NK in London. After that, MrsH in Stockholm started stocking it. I used to decant small perfume vials of it for two of my cousins who love freesias. It smells like me.

So I was horrified to hear from one of my readers that it is no longer being produced. I have tried to find it online but sadly, no luck. So it looks like my last bottle really is my last…*sniff*

It probably won’t help much, but here is a site that claims to be able to recreate your favourite perfume.

Normally I would not recommend dupes, but in this case the original is out of production.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I think there needs to be a support group for people who miss Antonia’s Flowers.

  2. I have used Fragrance Revival…and they reproduced Antonia’s Flowers beautifully. I also tried having them make Sogni del Mar and Tempe Passante, but those didn’t work out. FR is a very honorable company. Fully refunded me for the samples that didn’t work.

    1. I just received my order from FRAGRANCE Revival and it is great!!! I’m shocked. The best I’ve tried. I did add in the comments when I ordered I like a bit heavier on the freesia. Almost as good as the original…not even sure if I would notice the difference. Thank you Lisa!

      1. My Antonia’s flowers from fragrance revival was awful. Smells powdery and I’m crabby because they don’t sell samples. You have to buy the whole thing.

        My bottle from fragrance revival smells like they bought it from the Etsy people ( same exact powdery smell) and just put it in a different bottle.
        I even took your advice and asked to add more freesia.

        I still have a half inch in my bottle of the original and I wish I could send them the smell.

        So sad

      2. Wow mine smells great. Of course not like the original.. Also I guess everybody’s skin type is different but it’s good for me. I use other scents and I also have a little of the original left over. When I ordered I asked about the policy of I didn’t like it and they said they would try and adjust it or refund you. Perhaps get in touch with them. I have not experienced any powdery scent. Just freesia. I used Antonia’s from day one and do miss it. Good luck.. Denise

    2. Was it heavy patchouli or sandalwood when it dried down after you applied it? I would love to try this but I’m so afraid to waste money. I think I always bought the way de toilet not Antonias Flowers perfume. Please let me know. Thanks
      Nancy heath

      1. I always had the eau de toilette with the pink cap..not the perfume also. I only smell freesia quite honestly. I specified that had to be the heavy part of the fragrance. The are very nice and will make it until you like it. Everybody is different but the is the best I’ve had. Also, it seems to have enough oil because I rubbed my chest and it’s a bit oily which is a good thing…Not loaded with crappy alcohol. You can email them and request the way they made mine perhaps.

    3. Hello there Janet,
      I had never been a fan of perfumes at all until I first smelled Antonia’s Flowers. I worked with a couple beautifully delightful women who wore this fragrance and it brought me to my knees with an unexplainable pleasure I had never experienced. I was not a person of means as it were yet had to buy some for my wife and then the next to after that. I bought it, ostensibly for them, yet more perhaps for me. I have never before nor since been inspired by any scent except for the daphne flowers I have found in the pacific northwest. My wife just put on a small spritz of a 20 plus year old bottle tonight and i was inspired to search the web. So happy to find your post and learn the history of this magical fragrance, Thank you.

      1. There are two Antonias Flowers versions of the original (which we are suffering the loss) but Antonias Flowers Perfume, and Antonias Flowers Eau de Toilettte. The toilette was the one that especially made an aura around the person wearing it and fragrance revival does not make that one.

        The perfume they create was close, but not the ray de toilette which still brings a tear to my eyes for the loss

        eBay had a seller for 600$. That’s awful but if you did buy it, it may be spoiled. Taking a gamble

  3. I have just received this information, which hopefully can help someone ‘I, too, wore Antonia’s Flowers for years, as did my daughter’s nanny.

    We were shocked when she closed her doors without warning.

    There is a girl on Etsy, who lives in Arizona, who makes a nearly perfect replica in oil for only $10 a vial. I think it’s scents by Daisy.’

      1. Thanks. I tried her a few years ago and it was close, but too powdery and a roll on, not a spray. I’ll give it another shot. In the meantime I’m looking for something at least close. If I find something even remotely close I’ll alert you!

        Good luck ladies

      2. Don’t bother buying the knock off from Scents by Daisy. I tried it and was very disappointed. BTW – I just spent $300 for a bottle of Antonia’s eau de toilette from a seller on Ebay. While I justified the price because I’ve nursed my last bottle since Antonia when on “hiatus” and had just a few drops left, be careful if you buy a bottle of any scent which does not have a cap. The Ebay seller didn’t do a good job of figuring out a good way to prevent leakage and I basically paid $300 for about half a bottle. Oh well…at least I have enough for the next year or so 🙂

      3. But was it spoiled ( fragrance?). My own bottle with only a quarter left had “turned” or spoiled do to speak. I was tempted to order from eBay but what were my chances of an expired bottle. I never saw a date on any of the Antonias Fragrance bottles. By the way, I’ll get the shipping box smelled heavenly

  4. Soooo happy that so many people have enjoyed Antonia’s Flowers. I’m not the only one who loves it so much. Bought my first in Charleston, SC. No words to express my sorrow in knowing I may not ever have any again!!

    1. I had a similar experience! after using Antonio’s Flowers for 28 years I have not been able to find anything else that I like for myself. I could never smell it on myself but so many people would remark and ask about the fragrance. I hope you will respond if you found some thing that’s reminiscent or equally lovely. I found after yet another search for a substitute to no avail:). Thank you for sharing!

      1. Etsy has an almost there substitute named ‘ antonias Flowers’. It’s almost there, not quite but pretty close.

  5. Hi, does anyone know how long Antonia’s flowers perfume lasts? I have an opened bottle that is probably about 20 years old. Thanks!

  6. saddened by the unavailability of East Hampton Antonias Flowers. Purhased on ebay that was selling for a lot of money only to receive it as the samples that would come as free samples when my order was received from Antonia.
    I hope someone has the formula to reproduce this amazing scent.

  7. Today is a very sad day for me especially since I have used the last drop of Antonias Flowers. I only wish I had bought up more body cream for myself. I hope one day she will continue making it for us.

  8. I purchased my first bottle of Antonia’s Flowers eau de toilette in Tokyo in 1988 while on a business trip. From 1989 until 2019, it was the only scent I’ve worn up when I found out production had stopped. I purchased my bottles of the eau de toilette from Pierre LaFond/Wendy Foster in Montecito. I was told by the owners there was a death or divorce in the family which owns Antonia’s Flowers and due to family differences the “hiatus” was declared while the legal issues got sorted out. I’ve been diligently checking at least once a month in hopes that someone in the family would allow production to start back up but that hasn’t happened. I have searched the internet looking for anyone willing to sell unsold stock or partially used bottles but with no success (at least by reputable individuals). I wish the family the best and sincerely hope someone finds a way to bring back the marvelous scents developed by Antonia’s Flowers.

    1. Thank you Karla for this interesting information. I hope that it is sorted out so that we can find our beloved perfume again. I am sure there are enough fans to make at least one more run worthwhile.

      1. Yes, Wendy Foster’s was the place I discovered Antonia’s Flowers; and over time, I came to love Floret just as much. So very sorry that we’ve lost our quality, unique fragrances. Nothing comes close for me! Many thanks for these postings. Sigh.

    2. My fingers are crossed and I know plenty of people who would love to purchase for the first time. This Antonia’s Flowers had reached Cult Status. Even here in Los Angeles, former Barney’s employees are trying to locate the fragrance and are patiently waiting.

    3. Thank you for your information! I recently found out about Antonia’s Flowers. I am soooooo sad. It is my favorite perfume. I so hope that one day it will begin reproduction. Nothing could ever replace this scent.

    1. Someone mentioned there was a close attempt of Antonias Flowers on Etsy. Has anyone had luck with perfume copycats?

      1. I tried it and didn’t like the scent. From my nose’s perspective, the copycat is no where near similar to Antonia’s Flowers eau de toilette.

  9. Does anyone have an update on where you can purchase Floret? I have been wearing it for over 20 years and I can’t find it anywhere.

  10. Antonia”s Flowers has been my favorite perfume since I was 16-years old. I will never forget the day I walked to a little flower boutique in. La Jolla, Calif. and had my first sniff of Antonias Flowers and immediately fell in love with this scent. I am 52 now and as my family and friends will tell you this beautiful fragrance is me. I was heartbroken at the fact I could no longer reorder my lifelong scent. She will be missed!

  11. The website had stated “on hiatus” but it appears it is gone forever!!! I just checked the website and it is all the way down. I’ll check again, of course, in case she decides to re-engage. She should send all of her loyal customers an e-mail giving us a last chance and produce a last run so at least we can feel like ourselves again. Honestly, this IS my signature scent!!!!

    1. I wore Floret lotion for years. It is simply beautiful and I miss it terribly. It was my signature scent. Oh, how I miss it! I would walk into a room or restaurant or … and people would recognize me by this most beautiful and extraordinary scent. Oh, how I would love to have it available again. I got my first bottle on Nantucket. Devastated! Please bring it back!

      1. I too was obsessed with Floret…best smell ever!!! I am so sad! I wish we could find a way to contact them to beg…so sad!

    2. They actually did do a type of last run. I found out when they first were running low and I couldn’t order much online anymore. Then I got an email saying they could give me one last little bag of samples. They were giving them away to the people who had been trying to purchase online. They graciously gave them away while supplies lasted. I have one tiny sample vial left of the EDT (my one and only favorite) and then it is gone forever. I had held out hope that she could sell her formula to a trusted house, but it might just go with her to the grave. I’m so emotional about this!

  12. Antonias flowers was the very first and only perfume I could wear that I didn’t have an allergic reaction. Been wearing it since 1990 and I just talked to someone over a year ago and she sent me samples of others and I told her my husband was going to order a large bottle for our anniversary. She explained there are minimal chemicals in it, thus safe for my allergy. Husband FORGOT to order! Got a different gift and I just told myself I’d buy more myself when I got low. Now I’m crying. Just crying

  13. Have worn Antonia’s Flower’s freesia scent for over 30 years. Only the 3rd Eau de toilette I have used in my life, as scents just don’t work well with me, are usually too heavy, and don’t last on m skin. I can go to a perfume counter at a department store and never find one that works.
    My mother had been given some and I loved the scent and tried it and have never used anything else since.
    I bought it at Wave in Bridgehampton and finally directly from Antonia’s Flowers website.
    It worked with my skin and I was always being stopped and asked what fragrance I was wearing, even in Paris France. It is a beautiful, light, airy scent that reminds me of a faint whiff of a flower garden in the spring. I wore it everyday and am devastated that it is no longer available. It was wonderful and I feel as if I have lost a friend. It is a hope of mine that it will be resurrected. Hope springs eternal.

  14. I’ve worn it for 30 years as well. First purchased it at Gumps in San Francisco. Applied it 2-3 times daily. A very large piece of me is missing. LOVED this fragrance. I wish I could buy the formula. Antonia’s Flowers please come back 🌺🌸🌷🌞🌝

  15. I listed an Antonia’s flowers East Hampton yesterday on Ebay. Was gifted to me by my aunt, I didn’t like it and used it once.

  16. 31 July 2020.I have a 100ml bottle I picked up today, willing to sell 5 or 10 ml decants, UK only, sorry!

  17. is there ANY way we can get her to start producing either Floret or Antonia’s Flowers again!!!!!! Floret is my trademark fragrance….me and my mother. Everyone that knows me, knows me by this fragrance and I am truly DEVASTATED that it is no longer being produced!! why would she stop making such a beloved fragrance that makes so many women feel special??? does anyone know of anything that smell even a hint close to either of these????? please please please!!!!!

      1. Me too!!! Can’t believe they stopped making this. I keep checking to see if they are back, but the more time that passes, the more I think they won’t be back. Would be nice if they at least posted an update.

    1. yes, are there any thoughts on a similar scent? Any suggestions or leads please let me know. I am staring at one or two drops left in my bottle now.

    2. You can still get the smaller EDT of Floret on Ebay quite often and not overly expensive all things considered. I have read that Benefit’s ”Maybe Baby” is similar….

      1. Let me know if you would be interested in a half filled bottle of Floret? I understand your frustration.

  18. It’s strange how just today, I dabbed a bit of Freesia on and thought, “I wonder if there are bath products with this fragrance?” Of course that’s how I discovered that Antonias Flowers is on hiatus! I read the many posts that lament this time out, but at age 84, I will cherish what remains of my perfume bought at Barneys so many years ago. And having had a flower shop, my favorite flowers were freesias! Enjoy your hiatus!

  19. How odd is it that I still think about Antonia’s Flowers! The only perfume I’ve ever worn and originally a gift from my husband over 30 years ago. Any ideas how it could be replicated?!

  20. This was my absolute favorite fragrance and I’m so sad that they stopped making it. I really wished I had known so I could have stocked up on it before they closed. I am hopeful they will be back, but it’s been over a year now and I’m sure with the covid issues, they aren’t in any hurry. Haven’t found anything that compares to Floret. I miss it so much!

  21. I, too, have worn this for 25 plus years and was devastated to find it’s gone! There is nothing like it and I have gone through so many others trying to find a new signature scent.

  22. Has anybody located a scent that is close to this one. I am so upset. I want her to come back with this fragrance. I used it for more than 30 years…I drove the people in the stores crazy back in January and no luck. Now the warmer weather is here and I only have a drop left.
    Please come Back!!!

  23. As a business owners or 25 years, I find it just utterly ridiculous and irresponsible just because one feels the need to take a break “hiatus!”
    Drop the ball on every single person that supported your brand!
    Either you’re so greedy and don’t want to share the formula or you’re just a selfish control freak not pass the operation on to someone more capable at this point.
    Quitting is never an option!
    Shame on you for letting everyone that ever supported you!

    1. Sylvia, Calm down and take a look at yourself. The scents were wonderful and you supported her for years? Well she has decided to do something else or rest or maybe she has to care for an aging parent. you don’t get to tell her to sell her brand to someone else ( and have them bastardize what she worked hard ro create). Be reasonable and take a breath. There may be an Etsy person Antonia Flower that has copied the fragrance? check it out and relax.

  24. I also was devastated when they stopped making it. I have worn Antonia’s Flowers since the very beginning. I worked in the advertising department at Swezey’s Department Store and when it first came to Swezey’s I fell in love with it! I moved 25 years ago to NC and would order it online. It was the only fragrance I wore. I miss wearing it and wish they would begin making it again! Such a beautiful fragrance…nothing comes close to it!

  25. I have worn Antonia’s Flowers for the past 30 years. I am devastated that you have stopped selling it. If you ever start up again , I will be the first to buy it!! Please come back!

    1. I have worn Antonias Flowers for 30 years. NOTHING compares. The most beautiful fragrance ever. I do hope it returns, or, that they sell the formula to someone else. I try to recreate it by mixing things; an odd essential oil with a perfume, but nothing yet. I’ve tried to find a new perfume, searching high and low, but it hasn’t happened. I’m particularly picky about fragrances and the vast majority make me nauseous. LOVED IT!🌸🌺💕💕

  26. Well “Hiatus” may not mean forever, I remember when my favorite podcast, Mysterious Universe, when on “hiatus”… It didn’t look good nor promising. The host was exhausted by the sounds of it, and had enough, but after 2 years it came back with a partner to help him host it. I am hopeful it will come back. Nothing else that purports itself to smell like freesias on the market actually smells like freesias. It would be a shame if it does not come back.

    1. I cannot find any perfume remotly close to my Antonia’s Flowers. My signature sent. I was told to get it out of my mind and find another. I cant! Anyone selling please post. I have been using for 25 years.

  27. I started wearing Floret in the late 1990’s when I worked on Wall St. A co-worker always wore it and I couldn’t get enough of the fresh, floral scent. When I asked her which perfume she wore, she told me “Floret” by Antonia’s Flowers. Since then, it has been the only perfume I wear, it kind of became my “signature scent” to all who know me. Back then it was easy to buy, Barney’s NYC sold it. After Barney’s closed, I ordered it directly from Antonia’s Flowers (located in the Hamptons). After a while, my family didn’t even ask what I wanted for Christmas or birthday gifts; all they had to do was order me a bottle of Floret and I was in heaven! This past Christmas, after my sister went to the Antonia’s Flowers website to order my beloved Floret, she was so disappointed to see the “hiatus” message. When she relayed the news to me, I was devastated. I have been checking weekly to see if Antonia’s Flowers is back in action. To think Floret is gone forever is almost too much to bear, I wore this scent for the past 20+ years through the happiest, best times of my life. My sister found a “sample” on Ebay and bought it for me for Christmas. I truly hope Antonia’s Flowers comes back. I only have 1/4 bottle left from Christmas 2018….

    1. I am so heartbroken that they don’t make this wonderful fragrance anymore. It is the only perfume I have ever truly loved and I have my whole family hooked on it to. My sister wore it to get married in a few years ago and I have given her some any time I was able to find it for her. I hope they read all these messages and at least make one more limited run of it.

  28. I wish they had said they were going on hiatus. I would have bought extra of the Floret that is my daughters signature scent.

  29. Oh noooooo 😭😭 my heart is broken, my Tiempe pasatte is almost empty 😭😭. I still have Rokka though but Tiempe passate is my Fav ❤️

    1. Please check Ebay from time to time. I purchased the Antonia’s Flowers original fragrance in Eau De Perfum, however the E.D.T. has not been available except for the sample vials which seem to be far and few between selling for over $30. each. I use mine sparingly! Good Luck!

    2. Mine too. This was the first perfume that ever felt like me. I looked online and people were trying to sell the tiempe passate for $900. I too would have stalked up if I had known. I still have not found a scent I like and have wasted money trying to find anything close.

      So disappointed 😔

      1. My favourite perfume of all time is also Tiempe Passate. To make matters worse, nearly a full bottle was broken in a shipping accident when I moved from Australia to the UK – everything smelled adorable though! But you can imagine my heartbreak when only the $900 bottles were then listed on ebay. Fortunately, a lady listed one in the UK which was nearly full and I got it for….170 pounds! But well worth it – do keep looking and set your ebay searches for ”worldwide” and you can occasionally get lucky. I still have a fairly full bottle of Antonia’s Flowers too thankfully. The only perfume that has a very slight resemblance to the base of Tiempe Passate is Escentric Molecules 01 (which others can smell on me but I find difficult). If I layer Molecules 01 with Shisiedo Ever Bloom, it isn’t the same but I get a similar vibe, as EB has that beautiful salty Rosa Rugosa that TP has….(yes I went to these lengths lol).

      2. I might have a tiny sample of it at home but will be out of town till April 20. Send me a reminder to look. I’m still hunting for antonias flowers

  30. Please come back to us Antonia’s Flowers. My last bottle is nearing the end. I’m so sad. People stop me on the sidewalk and ask what I’m wearing. Let us know if you have any future plans.

    1. I know, right? It’s the only perfume where people ask me what scent I am wearing. I have had so many people writing and asking me where they can get it. I have one bottle left and after that is gone I am going to cry. Antonia’s Flowers, please bring it back!!

  31. I am obsessively searching online to find anybody else who might be selling Antonia’s Flowers Perfume! I saw your post! I have been wearing for over 25 years and tried to order my twice/year bottle…and saw the notice on the website. So disappointed. Not sure if they’ll start producing again…or if that’s it.
    Hiatus…that gives me a tiny bit of hope but….

    If you find it somewhere, will you please let me know? Heartbroken! It’s my signature!

      1. I just found an antoniams flowers perfume on ebay for $250 but i waited too long and it was gone.
        Do you think the “hiatus” actually means they are closed for good?

      1. Please email me if u have any samples left
        It’s a very Sentimental fragrance to a dear friend of mine that reminds her of her late mother
        Many thanks Lucy

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