The daughter line by Arlene Bailey

I am the daughter
of a daughter.
Who is the daughter
of a daughter.
Who is also the daughter
of a daughter.
Some of us are mothers
but all of us are daughters,
all birthed through lines
that weave back to
that First Mother.
All connected from
the very beginning.
All connected in the now.
Great Grandmothers,
Great Great Grandmothers.
All daughters born from
One. Original. Egg.
One. Original. Woman.
So why the separation?
Why the animosity toward each other?
Why the arguing and fighting,
back-stabbing and lack of support?
The next time you see another woman,
look in her eyes and see the
Ancestral Lines – the lines of women –
that lead back to you.
Where are we going Mother?
And how will we get there Sister?
By staying connected Daughter
and allowing for difference.
For we are each one,
after all,
all Daughters
of Daughters
of Daughters
of our
One Mother

~Arlene Bailey ©2020, “The Daughter Line”

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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