What do you see first?

I don’t normally believe these things, but the info said:

If you first saw the island, then you are a very perceptive and outgoing person because you hate being alone, having friends is very important to you and you will go to great lengths to gain their favor including changing your personality or deprecating yourself.

You are often very indecisive, especially when it comes to important matters.

If you first saw the cat head, then you are someone who rarely gets angry with others, even if you feel uncomfortable, you will laugh it off because you try your best to avoid conflict.

If those who saw the cat head first are pushed to their limits, they can become furious.

‘However, if someone really gets on your nerves or crosses your boundaries, then nothing can control your fury. You are super mature and often think from others’ perspective, admitting you are wrong when needed’

I saw the cat first and this really describes me to a T. I am very calm and I can take a lot, but when people push me too far, I lose my temper. I lose my temper very very seldom (maybe every couple of years) and people are often shocked when I do, because I am always very calm and positive about things. Being calm and just getting on with things often makes people think they can push you as far as they like. One day they go too far and ‘Bam’

Source, Mia Yilin

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

4 thoughts

  1. I saw the cat first and then thought that there is no way that there is an island somewhere in the world that is shaped like a cat’s head.

  2. Interesting. I saw the cat first and wonder if it was because I expect to see a cat on your site? I’ve never had one. It does sound like me though.

  3. I also saw the cat first, and yes, like you I’m calm and easy going until pushed too far by someone. Then they see the anger in me explode (I don’t mean physically just verbally).

  4. This is completely spot on!… I also saw a cat first and then I realized that it was an island. Right now, I need to deal with someone who crossed my boundaries big time so there might be a hurricane coming soon over my area… It’s really hard to find the right balance between being open-minded and accepting and letting people take too many liberties with you… Great test!

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