The difference between mosaic and micromosaic – part 2

I have previously written about the difference between mosaic and micromosaic jewellery. Recently I found an example of each at a local fleamarket, which is very unusual.

Here is the mosaic, made more crudely of larger tesserae (tiles). I bought this one ($0.50) because it matched my other mosaic items.


And here is the micromosaic, made of tiny tesserae and resembling a painting. It was beautiful but I didn’t even ask how much it was.

Below is a photo and description of how micromosaic is created.

If you are interested, here is a brilliant article from an amazing website, also the source of the above photograph and description.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    1. Thank you for this Magdolna. I had no idea the photo was not showing. I have put it in now. It is a small rectangular photo frame that matches an oval one that belonged to my grandmother.

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