Catrick Swayze turns one

Catrick Swayze turned 1 year old on August 19. He is a little dreamboat. He is a lap cat, loves being picked up and carried around, is super-purry and cuddly, and is so very very gentle. Our other cats adore him. He is such a chill little dude.

When you adopt an adult cat, you know what you are getting because their character is formed, for the most part. But kittens all turn into very different cats. Harley loves being near his humans, but is not affectionate or purry. Mollie loves human cuddles on her own terms but can be bitchy to the other cats (she spent her first two years as an only cat in her other home).

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Happy birthday to sweet Catrick! He almost shares a birthday with my Minou. She was born on August 18th eight years ago this year. Cats are the most precious gift! You are so right that we don’t know what personality we are going to get when we get a kitten. We got Minou when she was a kitten and we only had a slight inkling of who she was going to become. She was very determined all the time and she was fearless. She still kept these character traits though! she’s definitely not a lap cat. She will lay on the sofa if there is only one person (usually me) on it. And I’d better not move because she will leave. But she loves us so very much! She just has her own way to show it!

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