Differences between Bengal and Savannah cats

This is a marble Bengal. His name is Woody and he belonged to my cousin, who had two of them. Bengals can be quite a handful, particularly if they have low F numbers (see below). Bengals are pretty amazing in real life as their fur has a gold shimmer to it.

I once almost adopted Noel, a former Bengal stud (photos below are from the site he was being sold from). He was being retired and urgently needed a good home to retire in. He was spectacular and I wanted to spoil him silly. But he needed more space and handling than I could give him. I am also not a great fan of wild-domestic hybrid breeds, but that is just me. I think if you want one, you need to understand them and be able to handle them and give them what they need. Bengals can be very energetic and active.

Below is a Savannah These have become quite popular because of their appearance and I think they are gorgeous, but I could never have one myself, unless I lived on a farm. In South Africa I had one friend with a Caracal and one with a Cerval. Both rehabilitated and unable to be released into the wild. They are high maintenance with a need for lots of exercise and a high prey drive, so definitely not suitable for city life. Once again, if you get one, be prepared that it could be a lot of work.

F1 Savannah



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. hi
    jut adopted a cat and the prior owner has no clue what breed it is. i am debating between bengal or savannah. the cat is two years old, we call him ghost since his coat is almost white, i do see spots on its body. please advise, he is extrimely hyper. and i do have a diabetic 21yr male cat that he his at when near by.
    thanks in advance.
    amarilys (amy) scardina

    1. Hello Amarilys
      It’s hard to say what your cat is, but cats with Savannah or Bengal in their bloodlines can be pretty hard to handle. Then again, many younger cats can be very hyper, and it is not always easy to put an old and a young cat together. Good luck!

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